Float Plans



Blank Basic Float Plan

Sample Float Plan for Canoe Trip to Quebec- NFCT

Sample Float Plan Maine Demo Road


Sample Float Plan

Float Plan

Trip Leader

·         Name of Leader:     Chuck H                     Phone:    :  401-555-1212         Cell: 401-555-1212

Emergency Contact (may be contacted if you are late returning)

·         Name:  Donna B  ____________________________________ Phone: 401-555-1212  Cell:

Alternate Emergency Contact

·         Name:  Cindy G_____________________________________ Phone:  401-555-1212  Cell:

Vehicle Description(s)

·         Color: Green ____________ Model:  Toyota Rav4__ License #: RI  - AB 123  Park @ Lous Landing

·         Color:Brown____________ Model:Subaru Outback   License #:  RI  -  ?   Park at Plattsburgh Boat Ramp

·         Color:Red_______________ Model: Pick up  ______ License #:  MA - ?    Park at Plattsburgh Boat Ramp

·         Parking Location: 

Trip Description

·         Destination Area:  Lake Champlain

·         Launch Site Location  Plattsburgh NY Boat Ramp

·         Date of Departure from Launch Site: 10-6-11___________ Time: 10:00 AM

·         Takeout Location  Louse landing, Missiquoi River USFW Area

·         Date to arrive at Takeout Site: 10-8    Time:  Open -  Arrive home within 24  hours.

·         Number of Paddlers:   4  Chuck, Mike, Tommy & Jim

·         Number and Color of Canoes/Kayaks - Singles:  4                       

Approximate Route Description: Plattsburgh boat launch, around Cumberland Head, north to the Gut and east side of North Hero, north to West Swanton then to mouth of Missiquoi River, south to Louis landing on Mac’s Bend Road & Rt 78.  NE wind could reverse trip.

If you have a VHF radio – at what times will you be listening to it?   Date:           Time:                Channel:

Emergency Equipment (Do You Have…)

Yes Flares   Yes  1st Aid Kit    £ Towing Capability   Yes Cell Phone - # ­­­­­­­­­­­­(401) 555-1212   or   401-555-1212   or


Emergency Awareness

Is anyone in your group qualified to deal with the following emergencies? If yes, please write down their name(s).  If not, please write who you would contact and how.


Capsize Emergency: ALL 4 people are


First Aid Emergency:   Yes, plus Chuck is an EMT


Check The Weather Before Heading Out
Be Aware Of Currents And Tides

Know The Limitations Of You And Your Group