Contact Information

Many thanks  to our outstanding group of volunteer organizers!  The trips and events they offer to the RICKA Flatwater community are greatly appreciated.  Our success is directly due to their efforts.

Trip Organizers:

Mike Bouley
Jim Cole 401-226-7714
Will Conrad 781-767-1903
Frank Cortesa  508-369-8205.
Lynne DeRosa (401) 474-1387 cell

Sharon Dragon 401-225-3942
Henry  Dziadosz  401-567-0313
Erik Eckilson 401-765-1741
Susan Engleman  508-655-1633 Home and 508-353-6411 cell
Cindy Gianfrancisco   401-934-9212  
Chuck Horbert    401-418-2838  
Jean Josephson 401-245-5523  
Linda Konvalinka   508-377-9040  
Pat Lardner 401-524-8057  
Rick Lindsey

Bill Luther  508-761-7961

Fiona Lyons or 508-661-9948   

Earl MacRae

Tom McHugh 
Bill Mitchell- 
Gregg O’Brien, 401-473-8132
Danny O'Shea   401-527-3447 
Lee Parham  508-286-5999
Louise Price 
Becky Settje  972-816-6907 
Ric Souza 508-572-3095

Phil Tetreault
Cheryl Thompson  StoneFoxFarm@juno.comor 401-497-5887
Mike Vechinsky     860-271-1586

Flatwater paddling:  Coordinate a trip on a familiar lake, pond or stream. All you need to know is how to get to and from the put- in. Our trip coordinators have no special training. They are not instructors or experts, just paddlers looking to share the fun.  You can do it. E-mail flatwater chair, Cheryl  at  or call 401-497-5887.

The people who coordinate RICKA trips are responsible for setting a meeting time and how to get to the put-in and take-out. The trip coordinators are unpaid volunteers who are not  professionals.  They are not and cannot be responsible for determining the adequacy of your skill level, your personal safety, well-being, or happiness. Trips are group events.  You, and you alone, are responsible for yourself.